We offer a broad range of services to fit your every need:

    Environmental & Natural History Services:

    Trained Expedition & Nature Guide Services:

  •         Short or long trips - you decide!
  •        Call or email us for details, destinations and rates

    Other Services:

  •        Itinerary planning
  •        Custom bird checklist design
  •        Photographic services
  •        Report and presentation preparation
Avocet Nature Services
  •        Site Characterization studies
  •        Breeding bird surveys & nest monitoring
  •        Floral and faunal inventories
  •        Specialized environmental services !
  •        Report preparation
  •        Photographic documentation
Spruce Grouse
Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada
Kenya - African Elephants take a break
Gray Catbird nest
American Goldfinch nest

Travel Tip:  

Before you leave home, make at least two copies of all of your important travel
documents (e.g. Passport, airline, bus, or rail tickets, itinerary, immunization
records, travel visas, travel or medical insurance policies, etc.) -  leave one with a
friend or family member and bring one with you.  When you travel, keep both the
originals and the copies in plastic bags and store them in separate places and
email them to yourself at an email address you can access when you travel.