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A bit about Geoff: Geoff’s interest in nature began at 13 years of age when he wandered through
the woods and countryside near his Canadian home, learning about nature first hand. From the
time he went to university to study wildlife to when he worked for Parks Canada and the Ontario
Ministry of the Environment, he has dedicated his life to protecting and studying wild things – be
they birds, mammals, insects or plants. After his retirement in 2006, Geoff headed off on a new
career path, where he put his life long studies to work – he became an expedition and
interpretive guide. He has led numerous trips to Antarctica, Svalbard, Russia and Alaska, eastern
Europe, Cuba, Borneo and Tanzania. A prolific author, Geoff wrote a previous book on mammals,
is widely published in nature magazines and newspapers. His newest book on Antarctica is
about to be released.

Specializing in both tropical and polar environs, he has travelled the world, visiting over 55
countries on all seven continents, where he has shared time with polar bears, Amazonian
snakes and piranhas, observed the private lives of lions, avoided riots in Venezuela, hiked the
Andes, camped with Pademelons, walked with penguins and canoed Ontario’s northern lakes.

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by Geoffrey Carpentier
Antarctica - First Journey:
The Traveller's Resource Guide
Geoffrey Carpentier

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