Antarctica - First Journey
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    The mystique of the Antarctic enthralls everyone, but few dare venture to
    its icy shores. But for those who do, myriad questions arise - What do
    I wear? What will I do? What will I see? How do I prepare? Geoff, a veteran
            expedition guide, brings you his knowledge and experience through the
    pages of this fun and informative guide. It is packed with interesting facts
    about wildlife and the many, varied and interesting sites you might visit
    when down there. Detailed information on history, ice, snow, weather,
    glaciers, safe travel, protecting yourself and your possessions, effective
    packing and so much more certainly makes this one of the most
    informative guides ever written about the Antarctic, South Georgia and the
    Falklands. The book includes a rare compilation of marine superstitions, which is both educational and
    in some cases hysterical! Whether a seasoned traveller or one new to the game, this book will
    undoubtedly make your dream of conquering the White Continent a reality.

    The detail is so thorough and the information so well researched, that this book would be of
    immeasurable value to any traveller. This book will become THE resource guide for travellers! And just in
    case you’re not planning on going anywhere, this book will make a great gift or light reading for you as
    you stay at home and dream of going away!

                            Here's what the critics are saying:

    I have gone over the book a little at a time, trying to come up with SOMETHING to suggest, but it's all so
    well done that I couldn't find things to complain about! This book is going to be so valuable for people
    contemplating a trip south, and there's a perfect niche for it, since people inevitably have a huge number
    of questions in mind and can't find the answers easily. It is a pleasure to recommend this book to
                           Kenn Kaufman, author of the “Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of North America”

    My wife Angie and I were fortunate to sail with Geoff to Antarctica. Geoff is not only a wonderful teacher but
    has taken this gift and applied it to his book, cramming it with useful information. It is the kind of book that
    you will wish you had read before setting out on your travels and it will certainly prove a mine of
    information when you have long forgotten what you learned on board the ship.
                     Jonathan Scott, Wildlife Photographer and Co-host of the BBC series “Big Cat Diary”

    There are many books about Antarctic wildlife and how to identify virtually everything that lives there, visits
    by cruise vessels, preparations and planning before the big event occurs, but this book concentrates on
    many things others do not, mainly for first-time visitors. As a veteran traveler and staff member on
    Antarctic cruises, the author anticipates the issues that might at first seem perplexing to anyone planning
    to visit Antarctica, and covers them in detail. It is a worthwhile purchase in order to prepare for a visit, as
    well as to have on hand while there. Recommended for all first-time travelers, as well as veterans to read
    what you have been missing.
        John Splettstoesser, Advisor to the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO)

    I worked with Geoff Carpentier in Antarctica during the production of my award-winning documentary, The
    Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning. His expertise in penguin study and the changing environment in
    Antarctica made for a valuable contribution to my film. Before you travel to the remotest place on Earth, be
    sure to read this book. You’ll be glad you did
                  Mark Terry, Producer, Writer, Director – “The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning”

    Travelers considering a trip to the Antarctic invariably have a million questions about what to expect and
    how to prepare. Veteran leader, Geoff Carpentier, has heard all the questions and knows all the
    answers, and in this volume he gives you everything you need to know, presented with engaging wit and
    style. If you're planning a trip to the Antarctic Continent, or even daydreaming about going there someday,
    this book is essential reading!                                  
                                 Kim Kaufmann, Executive Director, Black Swamp Bird Observatory

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Antarctica - First Journey
The Traveller's Resource Guide
Original acrylic by
Dr. Istvan Lendvay
King Penguin
Gentoo Penguin
Snowy (Wandering) Albatross
Macaroni Penguin
Striated Caracara
Magellanic Penguin
South Georgia skua and Gentoo Penguin
Deception Island, South Shetlands
Antarctic Tern
Stanley, Falkland Islands
Wordie House, Galindez Island
Shackleton's grave
South Georgia
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